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NFL may play 2 games a year overseas


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Interesting. They would set up a rotation so that teams would only lose 1 home game every 16 years.

Canadates for next year (if they go ahead and do it) would be canada, mexico, england and germany.

The teams that play abroad would get a bye the following week so that they can adjust to the time change.



I guess I wouldnt mind to much if they played them abroad?




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Didn't they play a game in Mexico City last year? I think ti was the Niners and Cardinals.


Pretty sure it was pre-season though.


It was a regular season game.


I guess it's a possibility if the NFL wants to break down barriers and gain popularity outside of North America. I'd probably hate it when the Dolphins would have to do it though.

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The MLB Japan experiement really didn't do much (at least as far as I perceive).


To me, it's pointless and unnecessary.


To the most vocal critic, you could argue it's a tremendous disadvantage as home-field really does matter in the NFL, and this completely takes it away, and in a sport where a single game matters extensively, it's going to be met with opposition.

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