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Daniel Cabrera Pitches for Baltimore

Guest FishFanInPA

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What a performance though that's the Cabrera everyone has been looking for 2 walks in a complete game is outstanding for him 5 k's is not a huge amount but that means he was locating his pitches well.


This could have been the one bright spot of an otherwise miserable Orioles season, but hopefully this will quiet O's fans who think Cabrera will never live up to his potential.


:thumbup maybe there is a future


Yankees just scored a run on an error, but it's still a no-hitter. That's right, I said it, NO-HITTER!!


Baltimore's defense is really letting Cabrera down right now.


Yeah on the hit by Cano why weren't the outfielders playing farther in?


It was a good pitch a little up but right on the corner Cano is just an excellent hitter.

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