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What is the Criteria That You Would Use to Evaluate Fredi Gonzalez?

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Whether or not he puts the talent in the best position to win (maximizing the potential of the players).


A combination of player evaluation (their abilities) and in game decisions.


Agreed you can't ask a guy to do anything more than that. Most of it is based on the talent of the players but if he makes good choices(who to use out of the pen, starting players in their right positions, etc.) and is able to handle the in game management then i have no problem with him.

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keep motivating the players and get max effort like Giradi did wit them and just make good decisions. He started out wit the Marlins in 1991 so him doing well with the front office i dont see a problem.


i just want to see him have fun and enjoy himself with the players and have a strong bond.

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its a combination of all of them with the exception probably being the playoffs.



The playoffs is a bit subjective, this team played way over their heads at times this year, often in spite of the horrible decisions of their manager.



Making the playoffs will determine firstly on health of the Marlins and the teams in the division.


Secondly, its also going to depend largely on what happens this winter with all teams in this division and the National League as a whole.


But with everything else, its definitely a combination of them all.

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