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This is the first game I've been to in over a year. I guess I'm good luck.


Except I nearly killed myself on the way there. I'm not even kidding. It's a miracle I'm sitting here. Here's a lesson to you kids: don't try to change CDs while driving. If you do try to change CDs, definitely don't try to verify which CD you're putting in by reading the label. Granted, this is something I've probably done hundreds of times, but never again. I am not eating in the car, I am not reaching for my phone in the car. Whatever the hell happened is a total blur, but I was definitely going 60+ mph, and I definitely ended up swerving across all 3 lanes of the Julia Tuttle Causeway. And, at some point during all that, I was definitely facing the wrong way, looking at the oncoming traffic. Next thing I know I'm at a complete stop in the emergency lane, facing exactly the way I should be facing, almost like nothing at all happened. Not a scratch on me or my car, and I didn't hit anyone else, thank God. I honestly have no idea how because it was pretty much bumper to bumper the whole way across the causeway.


I am not a bad driver; I have never been in an accident. But I got careless, and I did something that's as dumb and selfish as driving drunk. Lesson learned; confession over.


I'm pretty sure in an alternate universe somewhere I'm dead.

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