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TPA's top 10 Marlin's prospects

Eddie Altamonte

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2007 Florida Marlins Top 10 Prospects

Compiled by J.P. Schwartz


NOTE - Each player CANNOT have pitched more than 50 innings, nor had more than 130 ABs in the Majors in a single season


#1. Yusmeiro Petit (22) Pitcher

Florida (MLB) 26.1IP 1-1 9.57ERA 20K

Albuquerque (AAA) 96.2IP 4-6 4.28ERA 68K


#2. Chris Volstad (20) Pitcher

Greensboro (Low-A) 152IP 11-8 3.08ERA 99K


#3. Jose Garcia (22) Pitcher

Florida (MLB) 11IP 0-0 4.91ERA 8K

Albuquerque (AAA) 4IP 0-1 11.25ERA 5K

Carolina (AA) 84.2IP 6-7 3.40ERA 87K

Jupiter (High-A) 77IP 6-2 1.87ERA 69K


#4. Brett Sinkbeil (22) Pitcher

Greensboro (Low-A) 39.2IP 1-1 4.99ERA 32K

Jamestown (Short-A) 22IP 2-0 1.23ERA 22K


#5. Sean West (20) Pitcher

Greensboro (Low-A) 120.1IP 8-5 3.74ERA 102K


#6. Gaby Hernandez (20) Pitcher

Jupiter (High-A) 120IP 9-7 3.68ERA 115K


#7. Ryan Tucker (20) Pitcher

Greensboro (Low-A) 131.1IP 7-13 5.00ERA 133K


#8. Aaron Thompson (20) Pitcher

Greensboro (Low-A) 134IP 8-8 3.63ERA 114K


#9. Chris Coghlan (21) Third Base

Jamestown (Short-A) 28 Games .298 0HR 12RBI

GCL Marlins (Rk) 2 Games .286 0HR 3RBI


#10. Renyel Pinto (24) Pitcher

Florida (MLB) 29.2IP 0-0 1Save 3.03ERA 36K

Albuquerque (AAA) 95.1IP 8-2 3.40ERA 96K

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