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VA Tech Copy Cats


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Heard a lot of different stories from around the country about idiots doing various things to imitate the recent events at VT. Nothing too serious...one kid brought 3 loaded pistols to school. A high school student in St. Augustine e-mailed bomb threats and was arrested...and there were similar stories out of California. In Gainesville, a kid living in the dorms walked around with what appeared to be a rifle around 130am last night. Some kids saw it and called the police. They apparently almost shut down school today, but theyt caught the kid and it ended up being an air rifle. Still, what a f***ing MORON.

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Guest markotsay7

Check the alligator today, it's on the front page. Silly threat, but at least UF was on top of it last night. I expected some morons to do random stuff today, it's only a few days after VT and it's the anniversity of Columbine/Hitler's birthday/420.

::doesn't go to school on Fridays::

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