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I've never seen this in my life


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9th inning


1 out


The score is 2-1 (Chicago losing)


Chicago up to bat


Man on 1st


The runner steals second, but he takes his foot off the bag, Eckstein tags him and the ump calls him out.


On the same pitch, the hitter gets walked.




Doesn't the runner advance automatically (dead ball) regardless of the throw to second? Piniella was having a fit on the diamond.

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Looper was starting on my fantasy team so doesn't bother me :mischief


Besides, the cards had a strange triple play ealier on. I don't remember who was batting and running, but the batter bunted up, it poped up right by him, so just before he started running to first, Yadi attempted to catch the ball and in the process wrapped his arms around the runner's head to catch the ball, it still dropped and he got a play at second, then 3rd cause the cub runners were in aw of what happened and eventually getting the ball to first before the runner going to first even new what just happened.

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yeah, the call should have been reversed, if i'm understanding the situation right.


ball 4 crossed the plate before the runner got to second?


yeah... there was ball 4... but my understanding of it says that the runner reached the bag... which would be his advancing via the walk... then was tagged when he slid off the bag... so, I'm rather sure it was a good call...

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