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Predict the Summer Box Office (opening weekend)


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1. Spider-Man 3 ($132 mil)

2. Harry Potter 4 ($105 mil)

3. Shrek the Third ($92 mil)

4. PoTC 3 ($91 mil)

5. Transformers ($65 mil)

6. Ratatouille ($62 mil)

7. Evan Almighty ($57 mil)

8. Fantastic Four 2 ($50 mil)

9. The Bourne Ultimatum ($47 mil)

10. Ocean's 13 ($45 mil)


Some I left out: The Simpsons Movie, Knocked Up, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Admin, Live Free or Die Hard, Hostel Part II, Stardust.

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I'm not going to guess the numbers, but I see things going like this:


1. Spider-Man 3 ($150 range)

2. POTC 3 ($100 range)

3. Harry Potter ($95 range)

4. Shrek ($90 range)

5. Transformers ($75 range)


That's my top 5. I think most sequels will do well (Oceans, Bourne, Fantastic 4) but I don't think Evan Almighty and Die Hard will do as well. The Simpsons Movie is going to be big.

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I won't guess $, but...


1. Spiderman 3

2. Harry Potter 5

3. Pirates of the Caribbean 3

4. Shrek 3

5. Transformers

6. Bourne Ultimatum

7. Die Hard 4 (don't underestimate the previous generation's committment to yippi-kiyay, mother f***er)

8. Fantastic Four 2

9. Oceans 13

10. Rush Hour 3


And HP will definitely get over 100 million, especially considering the IMMENSE hype it'll get with the last book coming out a week later.

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