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We need Jeremy in the lineup ASAP


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We really need guys are betting at getting on base than trying to hit a cheap solo homer, especially towards the bottom of our order. Do you notice how we rarely ever have a pitcher up to bat in a sacrifice situation? I really hope we can settle in to a regular lineup of...









de Aza



...as soon as we can. That way we would also have Amezega, Boone and Borchard coming off the bench, which is where they belong.

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I'm hoping that when hermida comes back, he can start hitting right away. If he does I'd move hermida into the #2 hole, and drop uggla down. I wouldn't automatically put him in the #2 hole, until he proves he can hit better at this level.

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I'll take Hermida in # 2 spot anyday over Uggla.


Remember Hermida of 06' most of the time batted 7th in front of amezega or reggie and the pitcher. He had no protection, I dont think the Joe even tried him once in the 2 spot.


Uggla is killing every little rally we can start. When hanley is on Uggla swings at the first pitch either dp, flyout or strike 1 and then he strikes out. It seems that everytime uggla is batting he wants to hit a HR and most of times when he hits a HR its a solo shot and either we are blowing out the opponent or they are blowing us out.


With Hermida in 2 spot he will cause a lot more problems for pitchers b/c he has a good eye and walks a lot that would put hanley at 2nd and jeremy at 1st w/ miggy batting.


Uggla should be batting 6th behind Mike or Josh

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