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New in the Lake.

Marlin Knight

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What's up fellow Marlin Fans? Well, I'm a GIGANTIC sports fan. I live north of the boarder in the beautiful city of Toronto. As you can see, I'm a BIG Falcons and Raptor fan. I also find myself catching a few Jays games once and a while but a team caught my eye back in 2002 and they are known as the Florida Marlins. And that's why I'm here lol.


Anyways, I'll see you guys around and hopefully we can get a damn stadium built for our great Marlins ballclub!



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The amount of Homeless people near the Air Canada Centre, CN Tower and Rogers Centre is absurd. It's ridiculous when your leaving a sporting event. You gets harassed by TONS on Hobos. Usually if you go North to the nice parts theres none to be found. As for Toronto being "Clean" it's half and half in my opinion. It could be MUCH better.

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