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Has anyone ever eaten at Pei Wei's?


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Mongolian Beef.


ya its good, and ya its owned y PF Changs....have you eaten at PF? because Pei Wei doesn't hold a candle to PF.

Yes, I have. I love the honey chicken w/ broccoli.


ya the crispy honey chicken is a personal fav.


wen my fam goes there we order alot and put all the plates in the middle and serve portions of each onto our own plate...


we get mongolian beef, crispy honey chicken/shrimp, beef chow fun, kung pao scollops/chicken, chicken lettuce wraps, and changs spare ribs, and chocolate wall....btw we never finish....but take home chinese is the best any way


omg so good. whenever we go on vacation we always go to one...we ve been to PF's in the ATL, wisconsin, LA, Colorado

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Wehn I lived in Atlanta I ate at the PF near my house in North Point and the one at Mall of Georgia...my dad just ate at the one in Bentonville, AR (Home of Wal-Mart), and I know there's one near the Dunwoody MARTA station in Atlanta. Are there any PF here in SOFLA, I know there is a Pei Wei in Weston...

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i'm a fan of Pei Wei - i actually cannot stand PF Changs though


i miss real chinese food though - really no good options out here in the desert


Agreed as to the first part. There is nothing special about PF Changs that seperates it from your typical fast food chinese restaurant.

blasphemy the both of you are either not ordering the right stuff (tofu? :barf ) or dont appreciate fine dining (FM calling PF a fast food restaurant) :p

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