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Dye For Abreu Swap?


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A rumor that surfaced less than two weeks ago, which had the Sox exploring a deal that would send Dye to the Yankees for struggling outfielder Bobby Abreu, has started to take on some life, according to one Sox source close to the situation.


Not only because Abreu is a good friend of Guillen's -- which worked out well when right-hander Freddy Garcia came over -- but also because the Sox believe Abreu is a slow starter and his best baseball this season is ahead of him.


The organization also reportedly isn't too thrilled with comments from Dye in which he came off as uncaring about where he plays.


''I've been around long enough to know that it's just a business,'' Dye told the Sun-Times this week.


''You're paid to work for a team for whatever period of time, give 100 percent to that club, and if you get dealt away, give 100 percent to the next club.''


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I really don't see anything wrong with the comments he made


he's not putting anyone down, he's giving 100% (or so he says, which is good enough for me), that's no reason to trade him.


Abreu has just been absolute crap since ASB '05, and I don't see him regaining his form, he just looks totally different.

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Dye's 2007 Salary: $7,000,000

Abreu's 2007 Salary: $15,600,000


If it were me, I'd probably stick with Jermaine. Unless I had a really good reason not to.

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...the Sox believe Abreu is a slow starter and his best baseball this season is ahead of him.

I agree with this. He may not hit 20+ home runs anymore, but if he can rebound to what he did for the Yankees last year it will give a huge boost to the team. I think things started to click during the Boston series, as he was spraying the ball around to all fields (as well as hitting the ball hard). His eye has also come back recently too.

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