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Just graduated from the USMC School of Infantry


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I just graduated SOI Infantry Training Battalion on Friday and checked in with my new unit at Camp Lejeune that same day. We're going on a MEU(SOC) very soon, for those of you who don't know what a MEU(SOC) is, it stands for Marine Expeditionary Unit Special Operations Capable, basically it is a force of approximately 2,000 Marines on a Navy ship that is forward deployed all around the world and we are able to perform virtually any type of mission whether it's humanitarian after a tsunami or earthquake wipes out ton of people or being the tip of America's military spear and invading a country like Iran. For example, the first conventional forces in Afghanistan right after 9/11 were Marines from a MEU.


The MEU(SOC) i'm going on will be going to Djibouti for a few months and then once our unit gets relieved there we'll be going to train in Spain with the Spanish Marines for 3 weeks and then we'll be going to a few other countries with the final destination being Iraq. It's pretty cool to think that i'm going to be among the Marines responsible for protecting millions of people from genocide in Djibouti.


Also, I bought a Delphi XM Radio for $199 from Best Buy, it's the size of an ipod and I can listen to it anywhere in the world, so when i'm in god knows where and get some down time, i'll be listening to Marlins games on the MLB channels on XM, haha.

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