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Review this scenario -


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OK - so it's the top of the sixth and the Twins lead 3-0. JS has given up 2 hits and stuck out 8, & he is scheduled to bat second.



Tosca - "Fredi, assuming the first batter doesn't reach, let's put JS on base"


Fredi - "Why?"


Tosca - "Cuz we can make him run the bases and take some gas outta his tank."


Fredi - "But you never give up outs, and JS is batting .076"


Tosca - "I'm just saying, either we buzz him inside to instill a little fear, and if it hits him so be it. Or if he hits it, let him reach one way or another. Or walk him - I don't care - just make him run the bases".


Fredi - "I don't really see it................"


Tosca - "Look, he's good for at least 2 more innings, unless we find a way to tire him out. He plays in a dome and has rarely seen 90 heat and totally out of control humidity. We gotta get him out of the game to have any chance to win."


Fredi - "Well, that's baseball. Under no circumstances do you let an opponent reach base with no one on - especially the pitcher."


Tosca = "OK you're the boss."




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