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GOP defeats Democrats in Congressional Baseball Game

Guest Night Phantom

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Guest Night Phantom

Graves scores as GOP wins annual Congressional Baseball Game

by Chris Etheridge

Jun 25, 2007


Chris Etheridge/Medill News Service


Rep. Sam Graves, R-Tarkio, looks over his shoulder during opening introductions at the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. The four-term Congressman scored in the fifth and was picked off second base in the seventh.


WASHINGTON - For one night, America's red states and blue states were divided right down the middle of RFK Stadium - Democrats on the third base side, Republicans behind first.


Coming right from Capitol Hill after a vote, GOP lawmakers won for the seventh straight time, defeating the Democrats 5-2 in the 46th annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball game Monday. The game raised money for two Washington-area charities.


U.S. Rep. Sam Graves, R-Tarkio, entered the game in the fifth inning as a pinch runner but was not on the bases very long -- scoring all the way from first on a wild throw by the Democrats' pitcher, Rep. Joe Baca of California.


?There were enough guys who retired this year that I could get in the game,? Mr. Graves said. ?I love playing sports and I love playing baseball.?


Mr. Graves, who stayed in the game to play left field, also reached on an error in the seventh inning. But after the Missouri Republican stole second, Mr. Baca got his revenge by picking off four-term congressman.


It was the first congressional game for Mr. Graves, 43, who had played four years of baseball for Tarkio High School from 1979 to 1982. Mr. Graves wore a custom-made Kansas City Royals jersey with no. 9 and ?Graves? stitched onto the back.


The Democrats were clearly weak on defense - at least for one night - committing nine errors in the seven-inning game.


?It's really a lot of fun,? Mr. Graves said. ?We raise some money for charity, and we're out there having fun.?


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California drew applause from fellow Democrats and jeers from Republican fans on the first-base side when she arrived to watch the game late in the fourth inning.


Throughout the game, staffers and fans for both sides cheered their teams loudly -- and good-naturedly booed the opponents.



I got to go, it was a fun time. RFK sucks though.

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Guest Night Phantom

We'll if we ever get a football game, we have Heath Shuler, which means we'll have about three interceptions and two fumbles.

Heath was terrible :lol


One of the GOP 2B (whoever started) actually made a very nice diving play. Could have been an SC play if it would have been on TV. Guy's in his 50s or 60s too.

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Guest Night Phantom

What, no appearance by current Senator and Baseball HOFer Jim Bunning?

Only one senator was on either of the two rosters

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