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Movie Review Nomination thread


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Ok, I personally have always loved to know what people think of the movies I love. It's part insecurity and another part nosiness/curiousity. So I've come up with this idea and hopefully it works. I was thinking of making a big list from the users of Marlinsbaseball.com of the 5 movies they would like the rest of the site to rate and then we can have the list for reference and just general interest. Now, of course not everyone will have seen every movie so they can skip over the ones they haven't but still I think we'll get a fair index of the tastes of movies of everyone here.


What I was thinking of having everyone here post the 5 movies they would like listed for review and then taking the first 20 submissions or as many submissions we get up until next week and then simply putting them into a giant list and have everyone here rate the movies on the list. We can then have the discussion for the thread on another thread just to keep the lists fairly easy to get at for everyone.


Hopefully this works and I will submit my top 5(please no repeats, I guess just list your next favorite movies.


High Fidelity

The Crow

Wayne's World


Batman Begins

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Schindler's List


Along The Waterfront


The Insider

"You don't understand, I could've had class, I could've been a contender, instead of a bum, which is what I am. It was you Charlie..." - Marlon Brando --- On The Waterfront :cool




The Searchers


A Streetcar Named Desire

The Elephant Man


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