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Sunday Round Up: Cousins homers


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Chris George gets hit hard in Topes 5-2 loss to Memphis

  • Robert Andino: 0/4 k
  • Reggie Abercrombie: 2/4 rbi 2k 2sb(22)
  • John Gall: 0/4 k
  • Scott Seabol: 0/4 3k
  • Brett Carroll: 2/3 r 3b bb
  • Chad Hermansen: 0/4 k
  • Chris George: (L, 5-7) 4.1ip 7h 3r(3er) 3bb k
  • Nic Ungs: 1.2ip 2h 1r(1er) bb 2k
  • Taylor Tankersley: .1ip 0h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Ross Wolf: .2ip 1h 1r(1er) 0bb 0k hr
  • Nate Field: 1 perfect inning, 3k

Derell McCall continues his hot pitching in the FSL but the Hammerheads fall 7-3 in extras

  • Kris Harvey: 0/5 2k
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4
  • Gaby Sanchez: 1/4 2b 3k
  • JT Restko: 3/4 r hr(4) rbi
  • Trent D'Antonio: 1/4 r cs
  • Derell McCall: 6.1ip 9h 1r(1er) bb k... era lowered to 0.79
  • Wes Letson: (L, 2-2) 3ip 5h 4r(4er) 4bb 0k
  • Travis Talbott: .2ip 1h 2r(1er) bb 0k

Scott Cousins hits his 5th homerun but the Grasshoppers fall 7-3 to Hickory

  • John Raynor: 2/4 r bb sb(37)
  • Scott Cousins: 3/4 r hr(5) 3rbi
  • Spike McDougal: 1/5 2k
  • Logan Morrison: 1/5 2k
  • Jacob Blackwood: 2/4 2b bb
  • Chris Hatcher: 0/4 k
  • Greg Burns: 0/3 r bb k
  • Graham Taylor: 6ip 6h 3r(3er) 0bb 7k hr
  • Rudolfo Encarnacion: (L, 2-1) 1ip 2h 4r(2er) 2bb k
  • Don Czyz: 1ip 0h 0r bb 0k

Jamestown loses 1-0 to Brooklyn

  • Ryan Curry: 0/4 2k
  • Carlos Piste: 0/3 bb k cs po
  • Ryan Anetsberger: 1/3 bb k cs
  • Bryan Petersen: 0/2 bb k
  • Dustin Kaats: 0/3 2k
  • Justin Jacobs: 0/3
  • Morgan Cummins: 1/3 2b
  • Tyler Belcher: 0/3 k
  • Osvaldo Martinez: 0/3 k
  • Chris Ingoglia: (L, 0-4) 3ip 2h 1r(1er) 2bb k
  • Rafael Galbizo: 2.1ip 1h 0r 2bb k
  • Corey Madden: 2.2 perfect innings, 4k

GCL Marlins win 8-5 over the GCL Nationals

  • Marcus Crockett: 2/4 2r 2b rbi bb k sb(5)
  • Michael Pasek: 1/3 k
  • Joshua Short: 1/4 2r bb 2k
  • Ketnold Noel: 0/4 bb 2k
  • Jesus Rojas: 1/3 r 2b rbi bb
  • Mitch MacDonald: 3/4 2b rbi bb k
  • Brett Lawler: 0/3 r 2k
  • Rene Arias: 1/4 r
  • Milciades Alcantara: 0/4
  • Andrew Paulauskas: 2.1ip 3h 3r(2er) bb k
  • Kristhiam Linares: 3.2ip 3h 2r(0er) bb 6k
  • Chris Shafer: 1ip 2h 0r 0bb 2k
  • Derek Blacksher: (W, 1-0) 1ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Benito Beato: (S,3) 1ip 0h 0r bb 2k


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According to Sun-Sentinel

Coghlan will be a Hammerhead after the asg.



Finally! Now let's hope Raynor is going with him.


Yep and Raynor could go back to playing CF in Jupiter too. Not sure exactly what Lorenzo Scott Jr. is doing in that role currently to prevent Raynor's promotion, even if he is having a good month of July so far. Scott Jr. was a pickup in the minor league portion of the Rule V draft and is a good athlete, but he strikes out a ton and that doesn't appear to be changing.

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