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Woman sues Prince after dancing baby video deleted from YouTube

Orlando Rays

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A woman is suing Prince after a video of her baby dancing was deleted from YouTube. One of Prince's songs, "Let's Go Crazy", was playing in the background. It wasn't edited in, it was playing in the background.


What a freaking douche. Isn't this the same guy that changed his name and scrawled "SLAVE" on his face to protest the actions of his record label, and now he's acting even more uptight and oppressive than they are?!

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I do agree the woman went too far and overreacted when it seems like all they did is just email her that it's been removed. The most they were going to pursue in the future is cancel her account. Big whoop. She's saying they're going to come after her and take her house. I would have been like 'okay, whatever'. However, it really is ridiculous in the first place that 'Universal Music Publishing Group' cared so much.

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