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Man Trying To Escape Police Killed By Gator


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MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. -- A man who allegedly was fleeing police was attacked and killed by an alligator in a pond, Local 10 reported.


Miccosukee police, assisted by Sweetwater canine units, responded to a call on the Miccosukee Indian Reservation about vehicles being broken into.


Local 10's Todd Tongen said police captured one man, but another fled on foot and dove into a retention pond. Signs warned of the danger of live alligators in the pond behind the casino and hotel.


Eyewitnesses said they were shouting to the man to swim back to shore. When the man finally spotted the alligator, eyewitnesses said he screamed but then disappeared under the water.


The alligator and another smaller one were later trapped and brought to All American Gator in Pembroke Park.


Local 10 learned the larger alligator was well known on the reservation and employees had nicknamed it Poncho.


If an alligator either digests or kills a person it's a state law through Florida Fish and Wildlife that it be destroyed, so the alligator will be put in an incinerator or be buried, Tongen reported.


Wood said he's been told to keep the alligator in storage until the Miami-Dade medical examiner can inspect the reptile.


"Some gators have a nasty disposition and he was a nasty gator. He seemed to have no fear of people which indicates that he was fed," said Wood.


The body was recovered Friday by divers 50 feet below at the bottom of the lake.


Local 10 learned the man was bitten on the head several times. Miccosukee police issued a no comment statement when Local 10 inquired about the victim's identity.



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