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Stupid question regarding Mac's


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Guest CrimsonCane

I'm guessing you're on Safari. You can do what Dodge said or reset Safari as well. You can also enable private browsing (click on Safari -> Private Browsing). This feature doesn't log anythign you do from that point forward into your history, does not record search queries, etc. When you actually want these things logged again, you can just go back and dsiable it.

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Now that you guys have answered my first stupid question, let's move on to stupid question #2.....



I received a new IPod Nano (it has video too woo-hoo) for my Bday. Before I got this, I still had the old click wheel IPod that holds like 9 trillion songs and feels like a brick.



So when I connected my new Nano to begin uploading my songs from my library I got this message:




"You have inserted a disk containing no volumes that Mac OS X can read. To continue with disk, click ignore".



:confused Huh?



I clicked "Ignore" and nothing happened. ITunes didnt even activate.



Any takers?

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lmao you don't want people using your laptop to see that you've googled 'milking the prostate'...


it's ok, this belongs in the Chat.




Oh that too! But I didnt really care until I realized that my ex's name was in google. That would cause me way more grief with the new g/f than "milking the prostate" and "worlds greatest c*m dumpsters".



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