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McGwire trying to gather support into HOF

Eddie Altamonte

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but greenies don't affect the distance a baseball will travel or add a few MPH to the heater....PEDs are an advantage that the older players did not have


no one says the older guys were choir boys but there was nothing they could take to enhance their on the field performance..........


no one answered by *dumb* question as to why MAC said what he said in front of Congress instead of just saying he was innocent and didn't take anything, but then again I am a dummy


Greenies might not give you as much of an advantage, but are we really going to decide which cheating is "worse"?


If one guys murders one person and another murders 2, is the one murder somehow less bad?

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mphetamine is also used by professional,[18] collegiate[19] and high school[20] athletes for its strong stimulant effect. Energy levels are perceived to be dramatically increased and sustained, believed to allow for more vigorous and longer play, though at least one study has found that this effect is not measurable.[21] This practice can be extremely dangerous, and athletes have died as a result, for example, British cyclist Tom Simpson. A doctor (the same doctor who prescribed 800 kids adderall in order to lose weight) has created a diet based around amphetamines for The Unconventional Diets System, called the adderall diet. CNN ran a story about the diet and the doctor and people expressed outrage.[citation needed]


Amphetamine use has historically been especially common among Major League Baseball (MLB) athletes and is usually known by the slang term "greenies".[22] In 2006, MLB banned the use of amphetamines and the ban is enforced by periodic drug-testing. Consequences if a player tests positive are significant, but MLB has received some criticism because these consequences are dramatically less severe than for steroids, with the first offense bringing only a warning and further testing[23].[24][25]

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