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Jayson Stark must read on The Fish


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Thats a couple in a row from Starky. Amazing article.


All accross America, from people like John Donovan at SI to the newspapers in New York, sportswriters, are finally giving the Marlins the respect they deserve. Maybe they're just the last of the bandwagon jumpers scratching and clawing their way onboard, but they are and its great For the Fish.


Jayson Stark has been there since the wildcard race, extolling the value of the Fish in column after column. It's been great reading his stuff, I for one have emailed him time and again thanking him for his coverage. He deserves our thank you especially when you look at the crap the Herald continues to write.


So once again, thank you Jayson Stark for believing.


Go Fish !

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Just for the heck of it I bought the Sun-Sentinel this morning, just to compare it to the Herald. By then I had already read LeBatard and Miller and I knew I'd be eating bran flakes for breakfast.


The difference is palpable, the SS was all over the Series on their covers (front and sports) while the Herald minimized it on their cover and led with the Riley/Heat thing, bumping the Series inside.


I have to say hats off to the Sun-Sentinel. A great job today. And Berardino's piece on Jack's hometown was a wonderful, heart-warming story.

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