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when two games are lost on your gold glove RF's defensive plays (dropped routine fly ball game 3, two runs score on bad throw game 4), you know something's wrong.

When GG caliber players like Snow, Perez, Alfonzo, and Aurilia start making defensive mistakes left and right, you know there's something wrong.

Not to mention the players sucking offensively as well. No homers, a team BA below the mendoza line.

They didn't play like the Giants

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Congratulations to the Marlins from their BIGGEST fan in Tucson, Arizona :)


I have been a Marlins fan ever since 1993, when the Fish and their expansion brothers, the Colorado Rockies (I am a Colorado native) became teams and joined Major League Baseball. I have seen both teams go through their highs and lows and have stuck with them both all the way. There are three current Marlins who were also Colorado Rockies players...Pierre, Harris, and Hollandsworth...and I am glad to see them all get a ring finally :)

Being in Arizona, I took a liking to the home team also and that is where my fondness for Brad Penny comes into play. He came up through their minor leagues before going to Florida in the trade for Matt Mantei. By the way, Mantei still follows the adventures of the Marlins to this day and keeps in touch with some of the guys so I know he was rooting for the Fish :) I've become friends with Matt since he came here...great guy. As for Penny, he still remains a big favourite in my heart, as does former Diamondback Andy Fox. I am also happy to see Brad and Andy get a ring.


Overall, I am very happy for all the guys...a much-deserved victory over the Yankees and for Josh Beckett, a much-deserved MVP award...way to go guys!!! I hope Trader Jack will win the NL Manager of the Year because he certainly deserves to :) Dontrelle Willis also deserves to win the NL ROY :)

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