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6/14 -- Marlins @ Rays


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Last night Rich and Tommy mentioned that they legally couldn't show tonight's game because of something ( i can't remember what it was) does anyone have any idea why they can't legally show the game?

here is why :The Fox network has exclusive nationwide rights for MLB games on Saturdays between 3:55 PM ET and 7:00 ET and ESPN has the same rights for games on Sunday after 8:00 PM ET. Games beginning in these periods of exclusivity can only be telecast by the network holding the exclusive national rights. Games that run long, such as extra inning games that run past 7 PM ET on Sundays, are not cut off. Also, ESPN sometimes waives this for the Texas Rangers and Florida Marlins. These two teams play in open-air stadiums in extremely hot climates, making night games a necessity in the summer months. For FOX, this generally applies to one time-slot per market, since its coverage is not usually a doubleheader. Thus, local television coverage is allowed during the other time-slot, but the game will not air on MLB Extra Innings. Starting with the new MLB TV contract in 2007, TBS will telecast a Sunday afternoon game-of-the-week, but no nationwide exclusivity is granted to the network. The same contract will grant Fox more flexible start times for broadcasts and may expand the window of exclusivity.[3

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