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credit card Pre-APPROVALS


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I am looking for a website where I can enter my social security number and they'll show me cards I might be approved for. I want a website that dedicates itself just to this and is safe. I don't want just one credit company, I need a website that has access to many credit card companies, can someone please help me? Thanks in advance, this has been a mission for me. I just bought a house, and I need a good credit card to compliment all my retail credit cards like Lowes, and Home Depot among others....thank you guys! :notworthy

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I would dump off cards like Lowe's, Home Depot and others that charge in excess of 22%+.


Pay them off but keep them open so it looks like you have lines of unencumbered credit.


Go to your bank and open 1 or maybe 2 credit cards with a modest line of credit. Don't get sucked into the multiple cards so many people have nowadays that they can't pay off.


If your bank won't give you a card, then wait until they do. Or, try a secured line of credit with your bank, or whoever is holding your mortgage. Obviously, you have enough good credit to buy a house. Go to the bank. Forget about online offers. You're gonna get burned.

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