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NFL Thread- Week 10

Fish Dynasty

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AFC East


New York Jets 5-3

New England 5-3

Buffalo 5-3

Miami 4-4


AFC North


Pittsburgh 6-2

Baltimore 5-3

Cleveland 3-5

Cincinnati 1-8


AFC South


Tennessee 8-0

Indianapolis 4-4

Jacksonville 3-5

Houston 3-5


AFC West


Denver 4-4

San Diego 3-5

Oakland 2-6

Kansas City 1-7


NFC East


New York Giants 7-1

Washington 6-3

Philadelphia 5-3

Dallas 5-4


NFC North


Chicago 5-3

Green Bay 4-4

Minnesota 4-4

Detroit 0-8


NFC South


Carolina 6-2

Tampa Bay 6-3

Atlanta 5-3

New Orleans 4-4


NFC West


Arizona 5-3

Seattle 2-6

San Francisco 2-6

St. Louis 2-6

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I think my bears are the first team to ever play an 0-7 team followed by an 8-0 team.. kinda weird.


Very happy Orton's injury isn't as bad as first thought.. its too bad Rexy got so much crap from the fans. He did a solid job and its nice to have a backup who knows the system and has starting experience. I'm just happy Orton has looked so good. Nice to see an iowa farm boy do well.


Big big game for the bears against Tennessee... definitely the game I voted for game of the week. Bears are solid against the run and Tennessee is near the bottom of the league in Punt and kick defense so it could be a coming out party for Mr. Hester. Can't wait.

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