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I hate Black Friday!


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Went to Aventura. It literally took me about an hour to park driving through the Bloomingdales parking lot. Got what I had to get, but I noticed a lot of people, but not a lot of bags. Also, there really weren't any great sales. The best sales were in the jewelry stores really.

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woah! free tixs? whats the catch?


You have to be the first person to purchase something.



first 100 people genious

O and i got my tickects i bought a Discounted XL Shaq Jersey for 5 Dollars HAHAHA

It wont fit till im like 6'5 250 Pounds


Bleh, I didn't go . Did you see any throwback Alonzo Mourning jerseys?


No i saw the floridians wade jersey and the throwback wade but no Zo's but there were a lot of Marions and Beasleys

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First year in awhile I haven't been stuck working. I didn't leave my mom's house. She lives out in the country so it wouldn't have been crazy anywhere near her, but I just want to avoid being out in the world in general on Black Friday, after working them for so many years.

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Was the line big and hectic? or was it pretty easy if you knew about the deal and got there when they opened?



No there was like 50 other people but they made a line with like the red velvet rope things and opened 1 door so it was the only way to get in.


But it wasen't as hectic asa i thought it was especially for free tickets but hey it was 6 in the Morning

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