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Thread Hijacks, Arguments, and Post Deletion


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I'm not going to write some epic bash of the site or the mods, who do an awesome job most of the time.


But this is now the 2nd time I've had posts deleted in the last couple of days. I understand the desire to keep threads "on track," although our stadium naming thread is now about whether orange juice is better with or without pulp, and it's been left untouched.


But maybe we can let people have a little fun, and if the thread actually becomes out of hand then posts can be removed.


Or maybe we should ban jerks who show up and start attacking good posters for no good reason, instead of censoring those who try to stand up for the quality posters.

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Any post that is deleted is removed for a good reason, I assure you. You of course did nothing wrong but since the offending post was removed, it made little sense to leave your post reacting to the offending post as it would just confuse anyone reading the topic. It was either leave every post or remove the offending post along with any reacting to it.


As for the stadium thread referenced, that's all in good fun. It's ok if topics branch off into other discussions sometimes. It's only a problem when things get personal like they did today. We want you to have fun and enjoy the site. It's not a case of us having a power trip but if we just ignore problem posts like that, what's the point of even having moderators?


In the future, if anyone has a question as to why their posts were removed send me a PM please and I'll be happy to check into it and let you know exactly why.

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