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Jayson Stark 1st Half Awards- Hanley LVP

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Hanley Ramirez, Marlins



He rolled into spring training talking about being a leader and a winner. But sadly, all Hanley Ramirez has really been for three months is a disappointment. At least he has pulled up his numbers from sub-Mendoza Land to .237/.326/.358 since Jack McKeon made him the poster boy for his team's underachievement. But the trouble with Ramirez, one scout said, is that "it's not just one part of his game that's gone bad. It's his whole game. He's a great example of taking your bad at-bats into the field. He's always losing focus out there." Unfortunateley for Ramirez, there are facts to back that up. He ranks dead last in the big leagues among qualifying shortstops in fielding percentage. He also sits precipitously near the bottom in the Fielding Bible's Plus-Minus rankings. And that's just mind-boggling for a player with Ramirez's tools. "This guy is so talented," the same scout said, "you get seduced by it. But this isn't just a bad year. It's a brutal year." And you know where those brutal years get you, right? Into the LVP winner's circle, of course.


My ballot: 1) Ramirez, 2) Dan Uggla, 3) Ian Stewart, 4) James Loney, 5) Miguel Tejada.



Thoughts? In terms of the Least Valuable Player, I'd probably give it to Uggla. The Braves have been saved by their pitching staff all season (and McCann), but imagine how much better they'd be doing if Uggla was performing to what was expected. They just might be in first place, heck with Uggla stepping up in the past few games they might be in first place after the series with the Phils this weekend.

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Least valuable player? Probably not, but he's might the biggest disappointment of the year since he was arguably the second best player in the league going into the season. But there have been a lot of players (including some on our team) who have been worse than Hanley to this point.


LVP, in my opinion, is Dan Uggla, who leads the league in failure: his .257 OBP is the worst in the league, not to mention being one of the worst defensive 2B in the league (3rd worst +/-, worst UZR, second most errors).

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