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Good Restaurants in Miami


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Hey guys, got a couple questions about Restaurants.


I love me some good food, and Miami is supposedly one of the best for food lovers.

Everybody says you have to go to Joes Stone Crab. I would love to go and try the stone crab but im confused about the hours of operation and the stone crab season.


So first question Is Joe's open during the summer months and do they serve Stone Crab during the months of June or July?


Im very interested in trying a place called Jaguars Ceviche Spoon Bar. Its looks pretty awesome and reasonably affordable. Another place is The River Oyster Bar at 650 S. Maimi Ave. It looks good and is near the stadium so thats a place. Another place I would like to try is La Camonera which is also near the stadium. Are either of these three places good joints to eat at?


Lastly does anybody else recommend any restaurants in the range of $10-$25 an entree. I have a list of more expensive restaurants to dine at but some of the lower place places are hit or miss. I figure the locals would know.


Any other Foodies on the board, let me know what you love.

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Michael's Genuine Food and Drink in the designer district is yummy. They try for a local and organic menu. I went for lunch (different menu), but from what I hear, the dinner menu is insanely good.

Sakura's in Doral (Suki Hana, now I think) is pretty adequate.

My family really likes Umami, also in Doral. I think it's meh.

I'm not gonna lie, I love El Palacio De Los Jugos for cheap good food.

Tom's NFL Sports Bar and Grill has some sick fish tacos (so freaking good). The only thing is they have like weird stuff going on some times. Like chugging beer competitions.

Bangkok City has some really good food too.


Last three places are fairly inexpensive.

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Go up to Broward and eat at Laspada's Hoagies.


Shinju in Miami or Broward is good for a cheap, pretty good sushi buffet. If you like sushi and have eaten a lot of good sushi, you may not like it. But if you don't mind moderate-quality sushi, then you can get a ton of variety + hibachi + good chinese + a bunch of other stuff for very cheap. I think it's ~$10 for lunch.

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