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MB.com Underground: Gizzy Awards 2011

Dr Beinfest

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LIVE! Tonight, The Gizzy Awards Show!



As the year comes to an end, the tradition must be carried on. 2011 was a great year, and an excellent year for MarlinsBaseball.com.

We've been bad news bears, the team to beat, and the team to beat up on. We've seen aces and duds, smiles and tears. We've said farewell to two decades of baseball as the Florida Marlins, only to watch the birth of a new brand in the Miami Marlins. We've sen firings and hirings, trades, releases (woo!), and signings.

A year filled with smiles and tears (big boys don't cry), bad music, and political banter. We are in constant motion, yet nothing ever changes. The sad dog will come and go. Let us reflect on this pivotal year in both Marlins and MarlinsBaseball history. Grab a PBRTM, kick back, relax, enjoy the promotional considerations and enjoy the night!




Award Lineup* (7:11pm start)**:

- Disconnection Notice: Awarded to the user who has officially lost their marbles.

- Troll A. Bethan: Awarded to the user who best exemplifies the ability to troll.

- Tailor Made: Awarded to the user who created the best threads in 2011.

- Don't Discriminate: Awarded to the best woman/out of town/minority/whatever poster.

- Up and Coming: Awarded to the best new user.

- Sexy Stud/Studette: Awarded to the best looking user.

- It Was Aliens: Awarded to the funniest user.

- Level-Headed Admin Walansky: Awarded to the calmest, most tolerant user.

- Mr. Miami Marlins: Awarded to the user with the most knowledge of Marlins baseball.

- Anybody But Rab: Awarded to the best overall user of 2011.


*Times subject to change. Awards to be released between 15 minute increments. Be ironically late.

**No free slurpees.

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So what women out there want to dance with a master dancer like me?





Point and laugh.

Be nice to HDC!

... He's your date tonight.


Just stay away from Bob Dole if he happens to show up! I lost my date to him last year at the awards! Laura I remember you so well.... :bouncy

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