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Seating Question

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Most (if not all) of the new parks don't have traditional railings there; they now use large panels of laminated safety glass.


I've sat in the first row at Nats Park and I didn't appreciate looking through the glass to see part of the infield, so I moved back a row or two. I was much happier after I moved.

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I am in the 310 section Row B. This was before the accident last year. I didn't get row A because I never like being in the first row of the upper deck-people leaping over you to get a foul ball. After I got it, I was also concerned about the railing, thought it would be better in C or D. I didnt change, so I will only know later.

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We were told no. But we were told alot of other things too. In a couple weeks you will have a true answer.



My salesperson was probably much more honest with me... He said those seats are going to suck, for that exact reason.


I was told the same.

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