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Anger Management Session

Das Texan

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Hey Das, remember the sport talk-show you called one night down here? Eddie Kaplan? You both feel the same way about Torborg, he's never liked him much. He's about to go off on him tonight...


He actually thinks the whole bullpen is mediocre at best anyway.


He's ripping Holly a new one too...

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well all i know is that dumbass specifically told me that redman would suck....that what he did in minnesota didnt matter.




what we are seeing is more the minnesota redman and not the detroit one.




so he threw 100 pitches in 5 innings...



wait i forgot...pitchers cant throw more than that in a game anymore...nevermind.



that kaplan dude can kiss my white a**......seems that i was right on this one....



i forget what he said about pierre so we may be even....but i forget.

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Ok, one more reason to become alcoholics... Millar is batting 404, with 21 hits, 5 doubles, 5 HRs, 16 RBIs, 7 BB, and 9 strikeouts with prefect fielding (no errors).


Hollandsworthless is batting for a 280 avg, with 14 hits, 4 doubles, 0 HRs, only one RBI (bases loaded walk), 6 BB, and 14 strikeouts, plus 1 error in LF.


Would someone tell me again why we let Millar go? ... oh, right! we needed a left handed with power and defense for the LF. WHO CARES!!! The fact is Hollandsworthless is batting 050 with runners on and 071 with runners in scoring position. GOSH!

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