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Yearly expansion draft scenario


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Every year I like to take a look at what a hypothetical expansion draft would look like...


The rules are…


Select the 15 players from your teams organization (not just 40 man roster) that you would protect.


Players drafted or signed after 2012 are automatically protected, and pending free agents can not be protected. (Here is where most free agents to be are listed: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/compensation/cots/league-info/potential-free-agents-for-2015/ )


After the initial 15 then please list an additional 6 that would be protected in case a player or two from your team is picked then those others could also become protected.


Also, if possible please list notable players exposed and free agents to be…if possible.


Have fun and thank you in advance.



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I wrote this in regards to Hech somewhere else, thought it could go here too:




His OPS+ is 82. That means he is 18% worse than the average Major League hitter. That wouldn't be a huge issue if he were an elite defender. Despite his diving plays, he is a below average defender and actually had to make those diving stops because his range is very limited. Overall, he has amassed a 0.3 fWAR. For comparison, Derek Dietrich also put up 0.3 fWAR this season.


Derek Dietrich was as valuable to the Marlins this season as Adeiny Hechavarria was.


Plate Apperances:


Dietrich: 183


Hech: 555



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