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Justin Bohn


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Hech's 1-22 start made me think about this guy.


Always noticed him contributing something at Hammerheads games last season. I wasn't imagining things. He hit .295/.376/.416 between there and Greensboro. Although his high BABIPs probably contributed to some of that success, this is a solid all-around player with a much better bat than the crap we have in the eight hole right now. If this guy can cut down on his K totals a bit and hit similarly in AA, I wouldn't be against seeing him get a shot in spring next year.


I'd much rather prefer that than a Hechavarria extension.



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unless he's a great defender i don't think he's much of a prospect. maybe a utility role down the line. .699 career minors OPS, no seemingly great hitting tool.


​Rookie ball and A- numbers can usually be thrown out. This dude has improved with every jump he has made and he is still just 22.



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I've been following middle infield options since last season with the realization than Hech will never be good.


Bohn is supposedly a decent defender, but he's not much of a prospect overall. Utility is the projection.


He hit his ass of last season and we can only hope he progresses a little more. So even as he projects as a backup ML player, Hech is barely a ML player, so could he be an upgrade over him in '16? Sure. This organization is blind for Hech though.



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Why not just call up Dietrich and use Hech as a defensive replacement?


​For this season, sure. Dietrich improved upon his ML numbers in a similar amount of games last year. I'd be for that.


I was moreso looking towards next season and beyond when I made this thread after reading we considered a Hech extension.



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