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How do you edit "member title?"


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i dont know why a Yankee fan would even be on this board. Much less give money to this board.

You have a problem with me being on this board?

How about the angels fan?

Or the white sox fan?

Or a cubs fan?

How am I different? I just want to discuss baseball, and the average fan on the yankee forum is incapable, because they are brainwashed so thoroughly by the NY media.

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I personally have no problem at all with you being on this board SorianoFanHFW, or any other fan from another team. I think it's good to see other fans come over and bring their opinions and arguements. It brings more diversity to the board. As long as you don't come here and trash the Fish or something, I like having other fans here.

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How did the yanks and marlins compete in your mind during the world series?

Furthermore, how are you a fan of each team? When did you start liking them?


Hate the c'boys, beat my bills twice (S-bowls 27 and 28)- just like the titans today.

I think KFC is talking about Admin in his avatar.

Thats where the arrows point.

:hat :hat :hat

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