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The History Of Ramon Castro


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The board is about 50-50 on whether Ramon can be THE catcher i was doing some research and here are some solid facts and stats to make an educated opinion with...


Ramon Castro Born March 1st 1976

Height 6'3"

Weight 225

Bats R

Throws R

Drafted 1st round #17 overall by Houston in 1994

Acquired: From the Houston Astros on 7/5/98 for Jay Powell


looking at his career stats from the minors and majors he has never played more than 115 games but we all know Redmond should play vs any left handed starter so 100 games would be fine.


i am not big on minor league stats from lower than AAA so i will only list those if you want the rest of his low minors #s here is a link for you



1999 at the age of 23 AAA Calgary

97g 349ab 90h .258avg 22doubles 15 HR 61 rbi 24bb 64k


2000 at age 24 AAA Calgary

67g 218ab 73h .335avg 22doubles 14 HR 45 rbi 16bb 38k


2001 at age 25 AAA Calgary

108g 390ab 131h .336avg 33doubles 27 HR 90 rbi 38bb 74k


and he hasnt been back to the minors since BUT he has only 370 career MLB at bats.


Career MLB

175g 370ab 86h .232avg 14doubles 15 HR 45 rbi 45bb 86k


now that we have the facts lets get some opinions... :thumbup

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For what is worth, this is what he is currently doing on the PR Winter League


c/o http://www.ebaseballpr.com/


Castro, Ramon,C

Avg .259

Games 18

AB 58

R 7

H 15

2b 1

3b 0

HR 4

RBI 13

BB 6

SO 10

Slg .483

OBP .338

E 0


He apears to be injured or benched, since he had only one AB in the last 5 or 7 games.


btw, Justine Wayne pitched yesterday on the PR Winter league 3 IP, .000 ERA

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I don't think Castro can take the punishment of a full season behind the plate yet.


Projecting his numbers is a futile thing to do.


I think the prospect of the Redmond/Castro platoon will be fine because neither will need to catch a tremendous amount of games behind the plate.

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ok Wild Card i would do that BUT im lazy... can you please explain yourself for me instead?

Pulling a Wild Card, eh?


Ramon Castro against LHP


AVG. .409


OBP. .435


SLG. .864


OPS 1.299 over how many ABs are those stats from?


and NO i would never "pull a Wild Card"

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Then again, Castro's whole career is not a lot to judge by.


Castro can handle a whole season of catching - if not now, then when? Still, we keep Red and platoon them - 4 days for Castro, 3 for Red. Maybe that is too high, perhaps 5 and 2, respectively. Castro can hit. That is for sure. How well...we will see. I am more interested in his handling of the pitchers and his defensive presence - we will see those too.

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Anyone knows what's going on with Ramon Castro? He hasn't played in a week


Are games being played? If so, who's catching if not Ramon? Yes, games are being played. E. Cruz and M. Rivera are currently Catching for the Santurce team.


My guess is that Castro is injured, he had 1 AB as a pinch hitter in the last week. I hope he didn't get benched for sucking.

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