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How many devices can be logged into the forums at once?

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Hey Admin, quick question, in how many devices/places/whatever can I be logged into the forums at the same time?


Now that you have the app, I signed in through the app and it logged me out of every other location I was signed in at. Not a problem but I'm curious so maybe I can decide which spots I wanna stay logged in at.





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Should be able to stay logged into several including the app at the same time, I haven't experienced this issue yet. I'm currently logged into the website on a computer and in the app on a phone at the same time. I did make a change to the way logins work independent of the app because another user had complained about login issues they had prior to the release of the app.


Please logout of all your devices, clear your cookies and cache on each device and then login to them one by one and see if it still boots you off at all.


It isn't an app issue but the timing makes it seem like one I know.



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