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Weaver isn't staying long in LA

Teal Shadow

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okay...... you clear Kb's 15 mil a year for 2 more years and his own privite jet???


you get weaver who has 15 mil left for 2 years..... if you trade em 4 " I cant stay Healthy for more than two days aka JD DRew".....



the only way this can actually help the DUDgers...... is if Drew stays healthy but it def gives them alot more $$$$$$ to spend


Right now the NL west looks like its all Pads and Rocks.....


D.backs have been Downgraded and the Giants have thrown in the flag......


i hope the DUDgers can get NOmahhhhhh, it could happne but dont count on it


if they get rid of weavers contract, they need to go after Sanders, WHite, Cruz Jr Juan Gone......


i dunno where to address LA problems

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