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Article: Five Propsects To Watch In Marlins' Camp


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so, a few problems. Article was written fine. Just have a problem with the idea presented. We are going with aggregate pitching staff. We need lots of depth in bullpen arms. Of the players mentioned Anderson is the only one I am actually excited about going forward, but I would really like to give him more AB's in AAA. With all of that said, garcia is the only one that can act as a bridge man. The other two have to improve a little bit. Neither of them can function in that role. I'm not sure how many 1 inning guys we are going to have in our pen. besides the 4 already listed. Ramos, BearClaw, Tazawa, Ziegler. From there we have 4 longish guys, 3 of them being Urena, and Phelps and locke. Really not too much room for a guy like either of those two. Garcia could fit if there are injuries. or maybe if we go with a 3 inning save once in a while they might work in the middle innnings, but i don't see that happening.



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I would say:


1) Drew Steckenrider - made Brice expendable


2) Dillon Peters- knows how to pitch; made Luis Castillo expendable


3) Brian Anderson- eventually can platoon at 1st


4) Jarlin Garcia- Lefty with mid rotation stuff


5) Raudel Lazo- 27 year old Cuban lefty has been great at every level and ready to contribute now


Those are 5 guys I would keep an eye on. Riddle is ok; I've seen him. Nothing special. Tayron Guerrero is another thrower like Urena; not pitcher. 



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