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2017 MLB season win totals


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From the  Atlantis in Reno : 


Chicago Cubs 95.5Cleveland Indians 92.5Los Angeles Dodgers 91.5Washington Nationals 90.5Boston Red Sox 90.5New York Mets 89.5Houston Astros 87.5St. Louis Cardinals 87.5San Francisco Giants 87.5Toronto Blue Jays 86.5Texas Rangers 86.5Seattle Mariners 85.5Pittsburgh Pirates 85.5Detroit Tigers 85.5Baltimore Orioles 84.5New York Yankees 83.5Kansas City Royals 80.5Colorado Rockies 79.5Arizona Diamondbacks 78.5Miami Marlins 77.5Los Angeles Angels 76.5Tampa Bay Rays 75.5Cincinnati Reds 73.5Chicago White Sox 73.5Milwaukee Brewers 72.5Philadelphia Phillies 72.5Atlanta Braves 71.5Minnesota Twins 70.5Oakland Athletics 66.5San Diego Padres 64.5



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Probably not online. Pinnaclesports always has the best (mlb)odds but they left the american market long ago. A local casino perhaps ? 


NJ can't do sports bets. I know NY can't. I think I'd have to travel to Vegas ha


If anyone lives in Vegas or is traveling there, let me know!



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i think we win 85-88 games this year..


might be enough to sneak into a wildcard spot.


With the short bench, they'll need to hang some crooked numbers on the scoreboard night in and night out so the bullpen doesn't get burnt out and we can let this crop of starters give up the runs we know they're going to give up without pulling them early for fear the game is out of hand after they've given up 3-4 runs. 


Really, a FULL healthy and productive season from Stanton hitting like we witnessed prior to Fiers blowing up his face,  Dee returning to 2015 form  and Realmuto proving he wasn't a fluke should push the offense over the hump.  Would love to see Yelich get into the hunt for a batting title and really turn the corner to a full-fledged star this year but I'll take another season of consistency like the two previous seasons.  In the end they might just need Stanton to be that thumper in the heart of the lineup.  The offense has always put up the runs when he's hitting so here's hoping he can make a deal with a crossroads demon to rake for the next 10 seasons. 


If the offense can start turning some of those singles into extra base hits, yeah I could see them getting close to 85 wins this year if they have a mostly healthy season and get some good fortune.



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