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Sun Sentinel: "Why it's a good idea to trade Stanton"


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Main bullet points...


-Stanton’s salary is about to explode.


-Stanton’s trade value might never be higher.


-The Marlins need to restock their farm system.


-Stanton doesn’t want to stick around for a rebuild.


-The idea that Stanton is a big draw is overrated.



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The idea that Stanton is a big draw is overrated, sure. 


The idea that trading Stanton won't be a hugely destructive move towards an already nonexistent following is false.


Stanton is keeping things in place. Trading him absolutely absolutely absolutely is going to take a huge hit at this fanbase. It has nothing to do with what he is as a draw. It has to do with what he is as a trade. 



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Who cares about fans who are loyal to a player versus the team?  The team is last in attendance in the National League five years running.  Punishing the new ownership for doing something they pretty much have to do makes no sense.  If Loria had kept the team, you know this would happen anyway, right?



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