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Austin Dean, great prospect?


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I know it might be early, and I'm sure as soon as I post this he is going to go 6 for 23 with 8 strikeouts and no extra base hits. BUT has anyone noticed he is raking! 


He legitimately has become one of the most interesting prospects in our organization. For those unaware of who Austin Dean is, let's go step by step.


Drafted in 2012 in the 4th round out of high school he has been in our system for going on 6 years. He is a below average defender, and cannot play a center-field position. Will probably (hopefully) be average in right.  He has shown some power, but not enough to justify his K's. Up until this year in his career you might be able to say he was going to be replacement level.  Personally I thought without a good eye and a high obp he wasn't really a long term prospect.


Now lets talk about what he is doing right now. This year he started in double A. In his first 22 games he hit 3 homeruns, 8 doubles and 1 triple, all while striking out half as often as he did last year. 88 PA is not nothing, but even so, I thought the same thing. Who cares. 1 good month a great player does not make. Then he was promoted. 


In triple A he has not performed as highly, but he has still been nothing to scoff at, so far his power is down, but his walks are up. Right now he is in that limbo, but if he can make the adjustments, we are talking about a real prospect, and perhaps one we should even be excited about.





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