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Fangraphs reflects on 2018 Marlins


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This was the last franchise that could have afforded to have another wrecking ball taken to it, even before the season began (I agreed with Stanton's plea for that reason), but the MLB owners couldn't have given two shits about it. For the front-line talent that Jeter traded away, the team got at most a D+ return. I agree with the sentiments of the author, as far as the franchise having no credibility with anyone. Regrettably, for the short, medium and long term the future of this team at the moment is looking pretty dismal. I'm a bit of an old-timer so I can't wait until 2024 to hope things turn around. 



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I'm still happy that I don't have to think about Jeffrey Loria and David Samson anymore. That feeling carried me through the whole year.


I'd say it's way too early to judge anything with this new regime. And even if we do knee-jerk reactions, I would still make most of the same moves. I'd rather have Sandy than Ozuna and I'd rather have the Seattle package than Gordon. The Stanton trade was about cleaning up Loria's financial mess and dealing with the no-trade clause. 


The Yelich deal gets the most attention, but the results on the Marlins side are still TBD. Let's say Isan Diaz is a .750 OPS walks and homers 2B with solid defense. That's not a crazy projection. And let's say Yamamoto ends up being like a righty Caleb Smith (high spin rate, lots of Ks). Then it's really about Brinson and Harrison, who have flashed their talent and have legit upside. It may not be a home run trade, but I can see it helping along the rebuild. 



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