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  1. He’ll be back in the system than up again to plug in when injuries mount. No team is going to pick up Rivera.
  2. Hate to be a downer but a 13-27 record at home with frequent blowouts is the among the worst PR negatives the team is dealing with. Start being at least more competitive at home and attendance with start edging up a bit. I like the starting pitching. At least that's a start.
  3. They’ve been the Braves bitches for so long it’s hard to remember when they weren’t.
  4. For the viewing pleasure of the few of us Marlins fans who continue to stick around Jeter has engineered, through his Pompeii like destructive proficiency, a lineup that already ranks among the worst in baseball history. It is rancid. Considering he started from a lineup that included 4 all star caliber players, with 4 others of MLB caliber, that takes some doing. I'll admit the starting pitching is respectable, but even then it lags considerably behind every team in its division. The only hope is that Gallen, Niedert and Sanchez will in the future keep the pitching from falling further behind. PR couldn't be worse. Poor Jeter and Denbo reek of smugness. And Hill with his happy talk comes off sounding like a buffoon. The article is far from an authoritative masterpiece of commentary but one thing it does have is a ring of truth to it.
  5. I like the Pompeii analogy myself. The Marlins are a franchise in smoldering ruin. But at least Pompeii draws tourists.
  6. The Marlins, when you take stock of their lineup, are exactly what their record says they are. No surprise at all.
  7. Reasonable chance for another 40 wins...............49-113
  8. On pace for another 40 wins this season, every one to be treasured and enjoyed to the fullest.
  9. Samson's hilarious (and other well chosen adjectives). If it was anyone other than him, or Loria, with that tweet I'd actually be nodding my head instead of shaking it.
  10. Talent seeks its own level. After a little more than a year in which he furnished all the proof anyone ever needed that he just wasn't cut out to survive at the major league level, Brinson and we can now rest easy that he has found his own level. Like a masochist I'll continue to check the Yelich box scores.
  11. Check out the early stats of Paddack, Castillo, Williams, Bearclaw, Ozuna, Yelich, JT. All doing fantastic. Unless you’re a hooker, really tough to swallow. Embrace the doom and gloom baby!
  12. Certainly the bats of Yelich, Stanton and Ozuna would not have made a difference last year even if the Marlins had a Trevor Richards, Caleb Smith and Pablo Lopez on their staff instead of the array of plus 6 ERA types that were polluting the starting staff before the best outfield in baseball was traded away. Chew on that one!
  13. I didn't imply that everyone was against the "rebuild". I was just stating I was, which to me was a teardown. Read my post again, and take note of the two comma's within the sentence.
  14. Hey buddy, you don't have to insult. I happen to be a fan of this team from the beginning who is pissed where this team is at. Saw it coming and have a right to be. And if I throw a little hyperbole out there so what. If I saw better days ahead with the way our prospects were performing I'd say it, but I don't see anything to latch onto here other than a few of the pitching prospects who may be decent but I don't think are anything exceptional. Maybe Sixto if he can shake his arm issues. I hope we smack it out of the park in the next few drafts cause we will definitely need to. And a few decent free agent pickups would help too. Have a nice day. I
  15. Not at all TH. I'm in Jacksonville, but my experience watching the Marlins so far has caused me to spend more time on the Discovery Channel. I can live with that. Like everyone else, as much as I hated the teardown and still resent what Jeter and his crew did, I just wanted to see some improvement in the team or at least in some of the key individual players and for them to compete a little bit better than last year notwithstanding the loss of Realmuto. Hasn't come close to happening. I expected the losing but this team, the way it is so far playing frankly deserves contraction. Just go away. Honestly I'd be able to stomach it better if just one of Dembo's chosen prospects was performing in the system to expectations since traded for/selected. So far, at this reading at least, Dembo seems to be striking out more than Brinson.
  16. It saddens me how truly awful this team is. Looking at the roster, I'm not at all surprised. And then I look at how well Dembo's star draft picks from last year, Scott, Pompey and Banfield are doing, all hitting well below the Mendoza line so far (Scott's performance since drafted has been truly dreadful) . There really is nothing more than can be said other than the non-pitching prospects in the system look like a vast wasteland. Harrison and Diaz do not inspire, both sucking so far in AAA after being at most mediocre in AA. VVM OPS'ing 558. Oh of course, I know its early. But when Austin Dean is the best your system seems capable of producing at the present, it only confirms that the Marlins as an organization are what their critics say they are. The Jeter, Dembo crew so far inspire zero confidence in me that this thing will get turned around. Or perhaps they're working on a 10 year horizon.
  17. The lowest point is going lower. This is really an all time level terrible team. Can’t score, other than in one game out of ten, and absolutely no baby cake or jumbo shrimp player will even make a dent in changing that. Harrison and Diaz would plainly be overmatched at the MLB level. Team must hit it really big on their draft picks on hitters over the next few years as the Astros did with Correa, Springer and Bergman and as the Cubs did or the hopelessness will go on for a very long time. Really upsetting that this front office couldn’t turn Stanton, Ozuna, Yelich, Realmuto etc into at least one frontline can’t miss hitting prospect. They had an advantage that no other rebuilding team has ever had and for my mind they butchered it badly. I’m sorry but their starting pitching prospects are just average at best. Richards and Smith, their best, were acquired other than via the trades. Pablo came from the only good trade they made. We’ll see about Sixto. Gallen and Niedert seem like right hand Nicolino’s. Hope I’m wrong but I’m skeptical. Other highlighted trade acquisitions look like relievers, including Sandy. Really down on what this front office has accomplished so far. Don’t see them as much of an improvement over Loria, which is a very very low bar.
  18. Jeter shitshow doesn’t deserve an audience. MLB owners enabled this. Still waiting for the first can’t miss prospect in Marlins system, and this after divesting the team of a multitude of All-Star level talent. Fuck Jeter for creating this Pompeii re-enactment.
  19. Could you imagine the team going 0-76 against the Mets, Phils, Braves and Nats. They’ll win a few games but not many. 18-58 sounds about right.
  20. Like our starting pitching. Paddock and Castillo. Fuckin unbelievable!
  21. Jeterball A lot of decent starting pitching performances are going to be wasted this year. Bullpen sucks and this might be the worst batting lineup in the game since god knows when. And they suck in the field too. Jeterball
  22. We'd have the best record in MLB. No way the Red Sox, Astros, Yankees, et al could catch us. Ah what a feeling!
  23. Caleb Smith? I guess he's not promising and not young. I hope he can come back strong once he comes off the DL, or whatever they decide to call it. He showed pretty good and was one of the few positives last season.
  24. I think the pitching staff does have a chance to be somewhat respectable, giving that term the broadest possible definition, provided the bullpen gets shored up with a one or more decent veteran arms. So that has the potential of being the "step in the right direction". But lets not kid ourselves, the positional lineup taking the field will be atrocious, I dare say amongst the worst the game will have ever seen. Runs will be more scarce then they've ever been in the history of this franchise, and that's saying something. If one could discern improvement, it certainly won't be from considering this year's won/loss record.
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