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Segura to Phillies


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Now I'm hearing Carlos Santana is going to the M's. 


This is what kills me. People go nuts when the Marlins don't dive into stupid free agent spending and then the teams that do this stuff get celebrated for it ONLY TO TRADE AWAY THESE SAME STUPID CONTRACTS LATER!!!


The Phillies giving up on Santana, the M's trying to dump off Cano Gordon and Segura... the Marlins being stuck with Chen and Prado's contracts... even the Yankees considering getting rid of Stanton... all of this is more and more proof why wasting money left and right is ridiculous. Almost every significant free agent signing lately is a regrettable mistake for every team that does it.



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So, they're rebuild or retool ?, it seems they're just swapping lots of contracts.


It's the start of the rebuild. Some of those contracts they're getting back will be off the books soon. It's like the Marlins getting Castro for two meaningless seasons in exchange for the Yankees taking Stanton's contract off our hands.



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