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7/4 post game


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1 hour ago, Michael said:

I guess we can relish the fact this is the last year of his deal ...

and likely also why the FO hasn't fired him yet - they clearly didn't care if they competed or not this season as it wasn't in line with their "timetable" so they didn't want to have to pay two managers when they could ride this garbage season out and get a lower pick next year and start with a new manager and only have the single contract to pay.  As pointed out above - a team this far below .500 with a POSITIVE run differential is a clear sign of shitty managing and I doubt most MLB teams would have tolerated it this far along in a season - but that precious goddam competitive timetable they are bound by and all... CHEAP!

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On 7/4/2021 at 6:17 PM, FishFry said:

The A’s rank 11th in team ERA and 20th in batting ave but have a 13 wins above .500

The Marlins rank 5th in team ERA and 21st in batting ave yet are 12 losses below .500

Keep in mind, the A’s also have the DH.

The Marlins roster isnt bad.  It is horribly coached and managed is all  


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