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Popcorn with candy?


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1 hour ago, SonOfJack said:

You all are sleeping on the "add 30" button. Quick way to do another 30 seconds when something is almost warmed up but not quite there yet.

I use it sometimes.  But I don't always want that long.


1 hour ago, SirFishFan said:

Not in a bag. I’ve had it in a big round tub/bucket container with a divider in the middle which keeps the two different types separate and can go back and forth or focus on one at a time. It’s fun because after a few handfuls of salty I feel like something sweet so I grab a big of caramel popcorn and same thing the other way around. 😂

OHhh, that makes more sense.

  That'd be terrible not knowing which you're getting.


1 hour ago, SilverBullet said:

Ohh no way, this is the greatest button, I used it all the time on my previous microwave. There were points that this was the only button I'd use cuz on that microwave if you pressed it first it actually started the 30 seconds automatically, so its a one button press and the thing starts for 30 seconds, so if I wanted to heat something for a minute it was just press that button twice instead of (1, 0, 0, start), or three times for 1:30, etc. It was genius. SADLY, my new microwave doesn't have this button!!! It has a -10 seconds button though! What the hell is that for??? 

IT's a time machine!

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