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Pudge to O's? ESPN.com


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With Vladimir Guerrero waiting for a more attractive offer, the Baltimore Orioles are again considering the possibility of signing catcher Ivan Rodriguez.



In a winter in which the Orioles are among very few teams willing to spend big dollars, Baltimore already has signed catcher Javy Lopez, as well as shortstop Miguel Tejada. But their contract talks with Guerrero have stalled, and the Orioles are again inquiring about Rodriguez.



If the Orioles were to sign Rodriguez -- who rejected a three-year, $28 million offer from Baltimore last month -- he and Lopez would share the catching responsibilities, with both also sharing time at designated hitter. This would reduce the workload on both, and within the Orioles' organization, there is a line of thought that the extra rest could make Rodriguez and Lopez more effective offensively, and give the team extraordinary depth in the event of an injury to either.



The Orioles have increased their offer to Guerrero incrementally over their initial five-year, $65 million proposal, a deal that would dwarf any other contract concluded this off-season. But Guerrero is seeking a seven-year, $105 million contract, and the Orioles have gotten some indications that Guerrero might be reluctant to play in Baltimore. Now Guerrero is negotiating with the Mets on a three-year contract; if he were to sign with any team other than the Orioles, Guerrero would have to walk away from perhaps $40 million.



With slugging outfielders Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Beltran scheduled to become free agents next fall, the Orioles could upgrade their lineup now by signing Rodriguez to a smaller deal than they've offered Guerrero, and then pursue an outfielder after the 2004 season.

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They should be going after pitching not hitting. Why not go after Maddux?

that's what i've been sayin they should do for a while exactly. damn the orioles are so stupid.


Why get pudge?

no way they are getting vlad no matter how much $$$

and I bet vlad doesn't wanna go to NY.

He wants to come here to play and all we need is some money a stadium and a prayer. :( :(

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There was plenty of arms available in this offseason that the O's could have loaded up their starting pitching. Maddux, Ponson, Colon (was he a FA?), even David Wells. They are going about this all wrong - but I think Vlad is in danger of taking just any deal - the Mets may get lucky here. We could move in, but I dont think we will - not with the stadium issue looming.

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