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Joe Mauer


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I think he's over rated, he'll be great but he's getting Van Poppel like coverage.


Personally if I could have him on THe Phils but Cole Hamels had to go, I wouldn't do it.


He's probably overrated in the sense that it's not possible for people to rate him any higher, so he has nowhere to go but down. But the kid is for real. A .400 OBP in a AA pitcher's league, when he's one of the youngest players in the league? That's strong.

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Twins are the only team that could justify taking him over Prior because they need positive hometown PR anyway they can get it.


Well, there's that and the fact that Mark Prior said he would not pitch a game for the Twins. Even if Prior was willing, the Twins wouldn't have paid him what he was asking. Mauer was a pretty-good consolation prize, and probably will be one of the best "signability" picks ever.

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As the only Twins fan here I'll say this...


Believe the hype. This kid's amazing.


I look for him to have a big impact on the team this year, but not an all star impact.


He has the bat (no doubt, thats one reason we drafted him)

He has the glove, and savvy behind the plate.


My concern is how he will develop chemistry with the Twins Aces like Radke, Lohse, and Santana. Because thats where I think we'll need him most is the Pitcher/Catcher chemistry.


And I will admit it was a PR move by the Twins drafting him since he's from across the river in St. Paul, but the Twins don't need PR around here!


In Wisconsin, the not so proud land of the Brewers, the Twins fans outnumber Brewers fans...




Also the Twins are big in Minnesota (of course), North Dakota, South Dakota, & Nebraska.


So as you see I've just named off the population epic-center of the U.S.A. :p

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i like the kid ... how high would ya'll pick him on a fantasy levels


since im looking at him and Victor Martinez ... to fall hopefully to 7th-8th rounds

I don't know that either one of them will last that long. Especially if Piazza is no longer available as a catcher. thanks for the info ...... i still think they'll be around than, just because of the fact that neither of them is proven

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